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The common feeling of the Spring Festival the story behind

[Editor’s note] What is team work force? A group have the ability to have faith in certain conditions, together for a common goal and support each other

To make joint efforts of the process.
Team spirit, every company in advocacy, both in strengthening. But this is not a slogan propaganda can be achieved, but by each member of the organization’s intention to comprehend the real from the heart to accept the team, learn to appreciate, to appreciate every one of my colleagues in the team.

Make arrangements for the process of the Spring Festival Evening, I always feel the strength of the team, the enthusiasm of my colleagues, and actively take the initiative to deeply infected me. For many years experienced many similar activities in other companies, many companies to organize is also a catch, wonderful no

Ratio. But relatively speaking, investment in human, material and financial resources is considerable. Organized the Spring Festival is an extremely complicated transaction, but in our Song Ding, the power of a mere few member of Team can do throughout the evening a resounding success, is what gives us strength? This passion, this initiative is how to train? end of the year, the company is in a sprint stage, the production lines every day working overtime to catch the goods, but the production line of brothers and sisters among the busy, out of the a little time to rehearse at the Spring Festival arena presents us with a wonderful dance, comedy, environmental protection, fashion shows and other programs.

People often say: "Behind the success of the endless sweat!" Story behind the Spring Festival, so I made a deep impression ...

In order to make the show "good harvest" more features, highlighting the bright spot, it was proposed to determine a couplet on display at the the end of the program. Proposal is good, but taking into account the the couplet terms, purchase channels, expenses, etc., but also very annoying ... the last few days of Spring Festival Evening dress rehearsals, just arrange the Spring Festival Evening make-up team learning time, night time is very tense. In support of the leadership, accompanied by colleagues, I decided to take the time to learn make-up time to handle, but we first decided to go to the stationery store to buy paper and ink pen back, and seeing the price of the pen and paper and ink to write their own in order to save costs, even higher than the cost of printing, was silent ... and then ran several large circle in Fuyong town did not see stall selling handwritten couplets, several twists and turns to an advertising print shop custom, was to see store staff coreldraw software typesetting perfect drawing effect of the whole couplet, was very excited and feel special sense of accomplishment, just back and forth feeling run-gap measures to suddenly disappear ... usually like to write lyrical prose, but the Couplet really never studied the subject couplet belongs to the classical literature, need to pay attention to the rules. Childhood often heard my father and school teacher of these, but they never seriously studied, little is known about the brains and finally came up with two think they can, the results issued mobile phone information to confirm to the father, the father will where a slightly modified, with the scroll reads, over, left a word: the Chinese New Year to go home and teach you! really appreciate the often popular word: "the book to use when hate less ah! "

Learning has been a good habit of Shenzhen Tech-power Technology Co., Ltd, morning, reading the monthly lecture and usually issued by a number of books, he gave us to provide many learning opportunities, and he was such a strong learning atmosphere, will be able to upgrade their although this could not let the father, but I believe that adhere to the study, one day can be recognized by the father. Colleagues, on the Spring Festival of Dance presents the beautiful face of a vice, when you are quietly sitting on top of the table to enjoy a sumptuous dinner, while watching the brilliant performances, you would think has been unknown in the back, hard logistics staff, they pay and how stories ...

Feeling in the busy, time flies Express, convened the first Spring Festival organizing group meeting today, more than a month’s time and shortly later, the team staff have felt invisible pressure, pressure from all expectations, this party is invited important guests, the party scene is sure to melt to create a positive, optimistic, warm and friendly atmosphere, so that everyone can feel the culture of Shenzhen Tech-power Technology Co., Ltd, which is our goal.


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