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Warmly celebrate the 90th anniversary of the birth of the communist party of China


《Mother hymn》  
Prose poetry quality department. FengQiuGui

Human in sing aloud,
And the earth,
The mother of human love!
Provide everything is full of vitality.
People in the song,
The great motherland,
Millions of children loving mother!
You open your warm embrace,
56 national around a everybody.
I sing,
And I, feed me.
Lovely mother!
For the children run out of love.

In the song,
Great wise party,
Affectionate mother!
Save the nation, the rise.
For heart heart.
The party ah, the great mother!
Ninety years of wind and rain course,
Make the motherland loving mother,
Became the east giant.
The party ah, the great mother!
Whenever the historical turning point of,
You make a wise decision,
Lead the people to the rich and strong,

For the construction of a harmonious society.
Diversified navigation.
The communist party of China,
How glorious name.
Ninety birthday this year,
Millions of children merchant.
I drive dapeng by GangFeng.
Visit the jade emperor,
JieWen the heavenly queen,
Holding ten thousand xiantao laid
Let your name more brilliant,
Let you more brilliant performance
Let your life yuan as time went by.